Northlight Studio Inc. Policies and Procedures pertaining to operations during Covid-19 Pandemic:

The coronavirus operating policies and procedures will apply to photography and imaging sessions as of May 23, 2020. These procedures may continue to evolve as the situation requires and may be updated accordingly. 

* Operating equipment will be sanitized prior to set up and/or prior to client’s arrival.

* Photographer and working crew will wear a mask at all times.

* Client will wear a mask prior to, during (if applicable) and immediately following the shoot or project. 

* All image reviews and client approvals will be completed off-site, virtually following the completion of photography or imaging sessions. 

* Photographer, client and photography subjects will keep at least 6 feet from each other at all times during photography or imaging sessions.

* A no-touch policy will be in place which means no handshakes, no adjusting of subject’s hair, makeup or clothing. Photographer will direct subject(s) to make adjustments when or if they are necessary.

* Client shall not touch any piece of equipment at any time. All set pieces requiring client touch or physical interactions will be sanitized following use and/or prior to the next. 

* Photographer, crew and subject(s) will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival to location/set and with frequency. Photographer will provide hand sanitizer for the crew.  

* If any of the photographer(s), subject(s) or crew feels sick in any capacity prior to the session or day of, especially fever or cough, photo session will not take place under any circumstances and may be rescheduled.

* If client or photographer feels unsafe at any time during the session, session will end and both the client and photographer will determine how to proceed.

The CDC guidelines for disease prevention are the basis of these procedures.

The health situation created by the Coronavirus will be monitored closely and these procedures may be updated accordingly.

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